Hotel Management Philosophy

AVP Hospitality is committed to maximizing financial results for its owners and investors. From full-service luxury hotels in Chicago to timeshare resorts in Mexico, AVP consistently delivers exceptional results.

The complexities of today's hospitality market require a depth of specialized experience and understanding. Comprehensive hands-on support is giving daily to the on-site management team. When AVP acquires the management of a new hospitality asset it implements a comprehensive management strategy that evolves out of five cornerstone objectives:

  1. Maximizing the asset's value through superior management where the focus is on growing revenues and managing expenses carefully.
  2. Meeting and exceeding guest expectations at every level through caring customer service.
  3. Employing the highest caliber staff and offering them the finest training available.
  4. Researching and understanding the market to properly position the asset to obtain maximum long-term profitability.
  5. Refining and fine tuning daily operations to constantly improve profits and implement new strategies.

Results can be measured by increased cash flow, higher return on investment, and appreciation of the asset's value.

Exceptional hospitality management ultimately revolves around effective people management. Satisfied clientele determine the success of any hospitality asset; therefore, customer service must be paramount. Properly trained personnel exhibit confidence and a high level of efficiency that is immediately apparent to customers. This leaves a lasting impression of superior service. The confidence and efficiency that results from proper training also maintains motivation among the staff and reminds them of the vital role they play in the overall management philosophy. This elevated morale inspires them to constantly strive for and surpass ever-increasing goals while maintaining the proficiency and dedication that AVP represents.

The combination of a strategically positioned asset with the highest caliber staff requires an experienced, dedicated management team to ensure long-term success.

The management team at AVP includes some of the most qualified professionals in the industry with management experience gained worldwide. This breadth of experience empowers AVP with tremendous insight into market intricacies and permits the blending of diverse, proven procedures to form a complete strategy for success.



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