Hotel Consulting Services

AVP Hospitality can enhance an owner’s decision-making ability by providing critique and solutions based on know-how and experience accumulated over the last 30 years in the hotel and resort industry. In the role of a consultant, AVP Hospitality can provide the following services:


Asset Management Support

AVP can provide support for lenders or owners that have limited time for oversight of an individual hotel or a portfolio of hotel properties. AVP Hospitality would continually monitor and assess the overall operations of the hotel and provide recommendations to both the owner and on-site management company on opportunities to improve the hotel’s performance. In summary, asset management support would include the review and critique of the following hotels manager’s systems, procedures and functions.


·        Budget, Business Plan and Marketing Plan.

·        Hotel operating statements and reports.

·        The organizational structure, staffing guidelines, and staff performance.

·        Physical condition of building and FF&E as well as associated capital renewal and repair.

·        Financial and accounting procedures and systems

·        Tax and insurance issues.

·        Franchise performance and competitive set analysis


Support can also include financial restructuring, change of Management Company, turnarounds, and workouts. AVP will assist in determining the appropriate hold or sell strategy so as to maximize asset value


Asset Value Protection & Enhancement Review

AVP focuses on the vital aspects of a hotel’s operation, targeting those areas that will yield increased incremental value. The process consists of establishing objecti


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