Flight Crew Housing Consulting

AVP Hospitality is an airline consulting organization specializing in worldwide site selection and placement of hotel accommodations and travel consulting services to the airline industry. The primary focus is to assist international and domestic airlines in procuring lodging accommodations for cockpit and cabin crews.

In today's business environment, everyone is searching for the most cost effective and professional method to improve the bottom line. By partnering with AVP Hospitality, your airline will realize improved economies, lower internal operating costs and better quality accommodations. This allows you to focus on the day-to-day operation of the airline.

Pricing alone doesn't guarantee success, especially when contracts require the approval of pilot and flight attendant unions. Since airline crews spend such a large amount of their time away from home, expectations are high for room and atmosphere comfort with minimum noise levels, and amenities such as proximity to shopping and restaurants factored into the mix. AVP Hospitality takes all of these expectations into account and negotiates the best total package.

When the opportunity arises you to reassess your accommodations program, why not provide more cost efficient lodging alternatives, better quality hotels, improved contract conditions and terms, and dramatically improve the entire accommodation program.

AVP Hospitality can provide all of these benefits and more. Our hotel industry and accommodation market knowledge, along with our tremendous industry relationships and experience have established us as a leading authority for procurement of hotel accommodations.


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